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Today I wish I could stay in bed

My energy levels are through the floor today; it’s almost 1:30 and I have no intention of moving from my bed until I absolutely have to. And unfortunately, today, I absolutely have to.

Today's agenda

Cat and I have tickets to go see the Pillow Queens in Vicar Street tonight. We had entirely forgotten about it because we got the tickets so long ago but thankfully one of my colleagues posted on her Instagram that she was going and the memory hit me in the face.

Under slightly different circumstances I would probably be very excited to go to this gig. I met the Pillow Queens a few months ago when we were shooting them for the cover of GCN plus a behind-the-scenes video. They were super nice and even gave me autographs to bring home to Cat. I’m in the rare position of having met and worked with them before becoming familiar with their work, so seeing them perform live will probably be mega-cool. But today my body just wants to rest.

Too soon to do another thing

I’ve had a series of pretty good days lately, I’m excited to say. I’m almost caught up on dishes and laundry, I published my first article on Medium and I’m keeping on top of my rabbit-care duties. It’s all being going reasonably smoothly EXCEPT that I’m unusually irritable. That could possibly be because I’m in the middle of weaning myself off one med so that I can start another and maybe the chemicals are messing me up. Whatever the cause, it’s meant that I have to work extra hard to keep my cool when something annoys me. I really don’t want Cat to have to suffer the wrath of me trying to fix my brain.

But all that (the few productive days in a row, the med-switch and the fact that we drove to Dublin last night for Ben’s thirtieth birthday dinner) amounts to a very tired Saoirse today. If not for the concert, I would absolutely be calling today a sick day and making myself at home in bed. I’d put on a romantic movie, get into a onesie, cuddle my pets while drinking a cup of tea and stay horizontal until the clock strikes tomorrow.

But instead, I have to pull myself together

I have to try to be in good spirits for the gig tonight because it’s one of Catherine’s birthday presents and I don’t want to ruin that for her. And, sadly, I was in pretty poor spirits last night for Ben’s birthday. I tried not to be but it was really hard to put on my ‘normal’ mask.

We were super late because I had some real difficulty parallel parking in a space where we could charge the car, so that got things off to a rough start. And then there was nothing on the (very pricey) menu that I was brave enough to try so I just got a bowl of edamame as my whole dinner. And in top of that, I found it really hard to hear my friends because of the noise levels in the restaurant.

They all seemed to have a great time, which is wonderful, but I felt so detached from the whole thing. I was deep in my head. That, I assure you, is not how I wanted to spend Ben’s birthday dinner, although I guess his enjoyment is the main thing. If he had a good time, then the night was a win.

The rest of today's agenda

I also have a video call with a friend in an hour so I’d better get myself decent for that. I don’t think it would be too flattering to do a video call while lying in bed wearing last night’s makeup at 3PM. Not that he would mind. He’s an exceptional dude with zero concern over what I look like (he has told me so on many occasions, to my great relief).

Before that, though, I have to do laundry. And, ideally, publish this blog. Plus, my stomach is still rumbling as I haven’t eaten since last night’s pathetic edamame dinner, so food is the primary thing in the agenda.

I’ll grab some grub and hopefully that will power me up for a while, but BOY am I going to sleep well tonight.  And what do you know, my bed is already calling to me…

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