Today is my favourite day. Pictured: a thunderstorm surrounds a remote house

Today is my favourite day (I love a storm)

Stormy days are my absolute favourite and, today, one hellova storm has hit Arklow.

The quiet magic of thunder

The thunder is rolling like a background drum and then suddenly there’s a CRASH and my day is made. As this blog’s resident diagnosed Epileptic I’m not as fond of the lightning, but it’s a small price to pay for the cosiness of today.

I don’t know what it is about storms that feels so magical to me. I even listen to thunder sounds to lull me to sleep at night while others are listening to whale songs and tropical ambience. Apart from being my favourite weather for just existing in, storms are also my absolute preferred writing weather.

Currently, I have the blinds up so I can take in all of the drizzling grey goodness that’s happening outside and I also have an ambient fireplace going on the TV. Alexa is helpfully contributing some additional fire-crackle to the scene as well, and my writing app is set to make typewriter sounds as I tap away at my keyboard.

Feeling charged

Apart from all the thunderstormy goodness we’re being treated to, I also woke up today with more energy than I’ve had in a loooong time. So, while I want to make the most of this burst of energy, I also want to make sure not to overdo it. I have a habit of blasting through energy reserves and it’s not doing me any favours.

So, today, I’m going to do laundry, some (but not all) of the dishes and I’m going to clean the rabbit room. That’s it for the housework. The rest of my sweet sweet energy points are going to go to low-energy fun computer-touching tasks.

Number one on this beautiful agenda for the day is working on Project Blue. Usually, I’m intimidated by Project Blue because it’s gained so much personal significance, but something about the storm makes me feel powerful.

Through this depressive spell there have been a lot of bad days, a lot of neutral days and a few good days. Today, I’m thrilled to report, is one of the really good ones.

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