Video editing

Trailer – Legends of Wicklow: A Tale to Tell – Createschool – 2018

Legends of Wicklow is an educational project in three parts. Part one, A Tale to Tell, details the history of storytelling in Ireland.

Trailer – Legends of Wicklow: The Quiet Pilgrim – Createschool – 2018

Cutting trailers for our online videos was one of my favourite jobs at Createschool. Part two of the Legends of Wicklow series, The Quiet Pilgrim, tells the lesser-known tale of Saint Kevin.

Corporate video – Open Minds Exhibition – Rua Red – 2019

One of my most fascinating editing projects was this short video for Rua Red’s Open Minds exhibition. We interviewed the exhibition curator, Brian Maguire, to hear all about art in prisons and the works in this show.

Short film – The Pickpocket – 2019

The short film, The Pickpocket, directed by Robert Shaughnessy, tells the story of a young man who has to steal to get by… but one day he finds something unexpected in one of the stolen purses.