Experiment day two. Pictured: a calendar, a pen, sunglasses and a phone laid out on a table

Experiment day two: a hopeful start

Day two of my experiment has commenced and I’m happy to report that it’s already going more according to plan than yesterday.

Writing from bed

I think if yesterday taught me anything, it’s that I have to be okay with taking shortcuts in order to function.

As laid out in my plan for the latter half of yesterday, I did in fact tackle everything on my list. I prioritised doing a little bit of everything rather than doing anything in full. As I get further into this depressive spell, I’m discovering new ways to cope and become a version of myself that I can be happy with.

For instance, as per my new ideal routine, I’m supposed to get up at 9AM and be writing my Confession by 10AM. Last night, however, was another night of tricky sleep, so when I woke up this morning, it took a few snooze buttons to coax me out of my slumber. My wife very kindly brought me a coffee in bed, so I drank that while listening to a podcast to fully wake me up. When 10AM struck, I still wasn’t quite ready to pull myself from bed, so I’m writing this on my phone, still curled up in my duvet with my dog’s head resting on my lap.

I’m still doing what I set out to do, even if I’m deviating slightly from the plan. It’s not about the plan; it’s about finding what works for me.

Day two is a day of words

I’m excited about today because it’s intended to be a day filled with words and writing.

The fact that I’m starting on time makes me hopeful that I’ll get to tackle all three of my writing tasks for the day: this Confession, an article for Medium and Project Blue. Even if I do it all from bed, at least I’ll have written some words.

It’s been a while since I wrote an article for Medium. After a solid start of writing one article per week, I fell off the wagon when housework became a more urgent priority. Today, both are priorities: Medium article from 11AM until lunch with Cat and then dishes and chores from 5PM.

And as for Project Blue, well, that’s a task for after lunch at 2PM. 

I’m still working away on it but the odds of hitting 50k for this NaNoWriMo are slim. That’s okay though, I knew it would be. Although I’m not holding out hope of hitting 50K, I am still hopeful that I can finish the book. I’m not far off a complete first draft but I’m definitely digging my heels in because I’m about two scenes away from a really tough, really emotional scene. I’m worried that I’m not ready for it yet, but I also think it’s time to put those memories that I’m drawing from behind me.

A sweet evening treat

It’s a good thing that I’m off to a strong start today because this evening we’re Dublin-bound. The final episode of The Great British Bake-off is airing tonight so we’re going to watch it with my Mother-in-law, complete with sweet treats.

The dogs are coming with, making this the first night we’ll all be staying in Dublin. That in itself is a big deal. I’m nervous about leaving the rabbits alone overnight but I’m taking comfort in the fact that we’ll be back early tomorrow morning.

Rabbits aside, it’s a big step for me to be spending the night away from the comfort of our Arklonian bubble. Wish me luck.

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