My name is Saoirse and I am many things. I'm...

I'm also a productivity-addict and it's something I'm working on (what a roller-coaster that is!).
I graduated with a 1.1 in Creative Digital Media from the Institute of Technology Tallaght (now known as TU Dublin Tallaght Campus), where I then went on to lecture in Radio Production and Screenwriting. Currently, I'm working towards a masters degree in Journalism at TU Dublin City Campus, which I will then use to further my career as a writer and editor.
What you'll find on this website is evidence of a juggling act between my writing, my work, my studies, my personal life (I'm also someone's fiancée, so that's sure to turn up in my writing as well) and my efforts to maintain positive mental hygiene.
Mostly what you'll find here is my attempt to make sense of adulthood through the vehicle of writing as well as, hopefully, some enjoyable reads.